Closeup portrait of old elderly business man boss, checking on his young employee, pushing to work hard on project, who is in disagreement unhappy, isolated on white background. Conflict at work place.jpegAdequately staffing shifts can feel like a never-ending game of chess, particularly in industries with staffing compliance requirements.  Not only do you need to weigh employee availability with peaks and lulls in business, but in some cases you must also ensure the appropriate coverage by skillset, staffing ratios, certifications and training and supervisor oversight.  If you already are short staffed and/or trying to expand your production workforce in an industry with skilled labor shortages, this can be overwhelming.  And let's not forget the constant watchful eye on the bottom line when you must also limit unnecessary overtime.  Checkmate HCM's Workforce Scheduler is just what you need!

Our solution lets you and your managers easily build your employees' schedules based on vital data and tools including:

  • Employee availability and vacation schedules
  • Certification and training stipulations
  • Staffing ratios, required rest periods and other compliance requirements
  • Historical productivity and job-costing statistics
  • System algorithms to help define optimal shift coverage and limit overtim

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